The discovery of the truth always begins with questions:


            When did the American people stop being producers and become consumers? 

            When did the American people stop trying to have some left over to give and start worrying about what they can get? 

            When did the American people stop believing that work is a good thing and start believing that success from work is the ultimate evil? 

            When did the American people stop living in Christian communities and agree that the removal of God and prayer from every vestige of American public life is a good thing? 

            Every American has the God-given right to be offended, but when did America decide the offended party can sue and force everybody else to accommodate to the one?

            When did America decide that our national youth would be better served if we removed from our educational curriculum things like good citizenship, civics: the democratic foundations of our great republic, economics: the free and open foundations of our capitalist system and the prosperity it has brought to this nation, and the history of this nation in defending the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

            When did Americans stop being grateful for the help of others in a time of need and start thinking some people are entitled to other people’s money?

            When did Americans stop thinking of Social Security and Medicare taxes as a good civic duty to help the elderly who become indigent and have no other means of support and start thinking of it as a personal investment that demands a return with interest after a certain age?

            When did Americans stop being creative and innovative and become content to enjoy the creativity and innovation of others, which includes not only shipping our jobs to where non-Americans make things for us, but also filling our homes with goods from Japan, Germany, China and elsewhere?

            And when did Americans stop admiring and looking up to our elected leaders, those who defend our freedoms (the military), those who insure our safety and security (firemen/police), those who provide jobs and epitomize the American dream of success (business leaders) and instead idolize those who entertain us (sports, movies/TV, music)?

            All of these and more questions are valid, but perhaps better questions might be:  How did this massive shift in American culture happen?  Can we do anything to correct, reverse, reform or fix it?  Do we want to?


RumiNations is a blog designed by one American to consider the questions relevant to America, and more.  Besides present commentary, I will look at ramifications, unintended consequences and results, or in short, the future.  For the record, I have sub-titled the blog Taf & Top which is (how) “to alienate friends & tick off people.”  Let’s hope that does not happen too often. 

Much of RumiNations will sound conservative, but it is not, strictly speaking.  Some smaller portion may sound quite liberal, but again it is not.  I make no apology for being a Christian.  My sources are Faith, Reason, Scripture and Tradition all working together.  Some posts will no doubt come across as a kind of third view so you may wonder where on earth I am coming from.  Rest assured, the Christian Worldview is neither liberal nor conservative.

I will attempt to keep Ruminations posts short and to the point, but sometimes I will likely break out in full essay mode.  Details are not easy to discern and understand in quotable sound bites.  I hope you find value here and that you stick with me even when I offer some real reading and real thinking material.  I assure you, it will be worth the journey.


While you are here, I invite you to visit:

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As always, thank you for reading my RumiNations.  Until next time, Grace & Peace — Michael


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